Month: November 2022

  • STEW

    This slow cooker beef bourguignon is my favourite winter dinner. If you get invited to dinner and I serve this, know that I probably love you. Your serving could’ve been my leftovers for lunch. Prep time: 25 min Slow cooker time: 6-10 hours Serves: 4 big bowls Ingredients Steps


    Giving for release from memories and lost dreams. For giving your all. There is power in letting go, but you needn’t be empty handed. I realized I was hanging on tightly to a vision of success that isn’t real. My brain was trained on images of my mother obsessively cleaning and redoing our chores. I…


    In the power of now every moment is an opportunity to shine love like a miracle on every single thing. In the trial of self awareness increases the probability that your will be that of a miracle worker. In the force of nature encountering light and dark futures, shine through shadow and forgive the past.…