In the power of now
every moment is an opportunity to shine
love like a miracle
on every single thing.

In the trial of self
awareness increases the probability
that your will be that of
a miracle worker.

In the force of nature
encountering light and dark futures,
shine through shadow
and forgive the past.

I want you to know there is nothing to fear, and I’ll need to demonstrate that. Taking this leap, launching this website; it isn’t easy for me.

I fear shame, judgement, and misunderstanding from my tribe.

I worry I’ll repeat the past and produce content I’m not proud of, something I need to nuke again like the many websites I’ve had before.

This become a pedestal I had to break and replace with a comfy seat to rest in, where I can tell you the story I hold.

I am only worried about becoming future me, a wise grandmother who helped people.

I only fear looking back and seeing fear itself hold me back from creative ecstasy and accomplishment.