For progeny & posterity.

This is my corner of the internet. Want to see?


I read Rilke and finally realized I must write.


I must write for my children. If it inspires anyone else, that’s cool.

I feel alive when I express myself in prose.

I am called to share my stories, lessons, and struggles.


I’m called in my DNA to honour, valour, liberty, and wisdom.

This web archive is a path I’ve been on all my life.

My stars require sacred work.


Stars form the channels and current of the universe.

Many things have yet to be explained by science.

While photons come mostly from our sun, waves of starlight photons reach us day and night. Light powers life on Earth through photosynthesis. Animals eat plants and turn those chemicals into neurotransmitters that talk to electromagnetic nerve cells.

The gravity of the moon and planets hold us. Our light energy and mass exist in an astrophysical realm.

When we stop resisting the pull of the universe, where might it take us?

Stop holding the door closed. Magic is real when your mind opens to faith.