For progeny & posterity.

This is my corner of the internet. Want to see?


I read Rilke and decided I must write.


I must write for my child, to pass on my lessons and history using the gift of prose and poetry, something I’ve done since I was a child myself.

If it inspires anyone else, that would be cool.


My DNA is wired for honour, valour, liberty, and wisdom.

My stars require sacred work, and this web archive is part of a path I’ve been on all my life. Money and prestige are irrelevant. This is just about finding and sharing what’s inside.


All animals, including humans, are tubes powered by neurotransmitters and electrical energy.

Photons are packets electromagnetic energy that power life on Earth through stored chemical energy – photosynthesis.

While photons come primarily from our sun, waves of starlight reach us during the night and day.

The moon shifts the tides, and animals are mostly water.

The gravitational pull of the moon and planets in our system pull us toward the light of constellations. Our light energy and mass exist on a physical realm we seldom explore.

If we stop resisting the pull of the universe, where would it take us?

If we stop believing magic isn’t real, what doors would we stop holding closed?