This internet space belongs to the ego of Alycia Leno. It is both a personal archive, and a love letter to my child.

You’re welcome to browse, but please, keep your expectations low.

I have layers, like anyone else. My posts attempt to mine the folds of my brain for knowledge, core memories, and pieces of my identity.

I’ll post a lot of poetry and self-expressions. You’ve been warned.


I am preoccupied with raising a loving, resilient human. Writing helps me explore what I know and find the right words to share it.

I also want, selfishly, to record my preferences and history. Maybe no one will care, not even my descendants; I’m okay with that. I’m doing this for them, regardless. It aligns me to a higher purpose when I think of them and the future.

Of course, I also enjoy writing immensely. I’ve had many websites and creative outlets in my life, some of them I’ll probably share here, eventually. In the past decade I’ve focused on career and family, and it’s time for this new-ish mom to regain a sense of her self.