This is a jar spell that I used twice – once to get our dream rental home when we needed it most (our previous landlords put our house up for sale), and once to get your father his first commercial lease to start his business.

Based on this spell from Tumblr.


  • Jar – square is ideal, connecting with the idea of four walls.
  • Brown candle – homes, stability, material, resources, possessions.
  • Green candle – money, luck, prosperity, abundance, change.  
  • White candle – attraction, hope, new beginnings.
  • Whole bay leaf – wish manifestation, success, good fortune. 
  • Coffee – speedy manifestation of your intent, gives the spell a boost. 
  • Yeast – As it bubbles and rises, it continues to manifest, bread = home.
  • Sugar   all that you ask for comes sweetly.
  • Oregano comfort, protection, harmony, and joy in your new home.  
  • Basil – luck, money, and prosperity in the home. 
  • Cinnamon protection of the home, raised vibrations.  
  • Lavender – for a peaceful home, increased psychic ability to manifest.
  • DNA – hair (or something) from each future resident, including pets! 
  • Dirt – from the house you want (optional).  
  • Coins – money and abundance.
  • Moon water – ideally charged in the waxing gibbous moon.
  • A spoon – to stir the contents of the jar.
  • Ace of pentacles tarot card – new beginnings, opportunities, success.
  • 10 of cups tarot card – peace, long-term commitment, family.  


  1. Cleanse the area and jar by sweeping the air and visualizing negative energy leaving the space. Option to cast a circle and invite spirit guides or deities.
  2. Light the candles.
  3. On the bay leaf (or multiple leaves) write:
    • The address of the home. Recite the address while visualizing that it is yours, until you have it memorized for whoever asks what your address is. 
    • The month and year you will have this home.
    • Any details about you get the house, live happily and comfortably there, afford it, how it will be yours.
  4. Add the bay leaf or leaves to the jar. 
  5. Add the sugar, coffee, herbs, dirt, and DNA to the jar.
    • Add each ingredient with intent, aligning to their purpose.
  6. Add the yeast and moon water.
  7. Stir clockwise while visualizing what you want, invoking the moon’s energy. 
  8. Drop the coins in and wish on them as you would a fountain.
  9. Leave the jar slightly open – the yeast needs oxygen and space to rise.
  10. Pour some wax on the top not to seal the jar, just to add the corresponding color energy. 
  11. Sit the jar on top of the two tarot cards to charge.
  12. Watch the yeast bubble and rise slightly as the spell does its job. If it starts to rise too much, mix it again to bring it down. 
  13. Shake it up daily to activate it.


It’s ideal to do this during a waxing gibbous moon. The lunar phases leading up to the full moon correspond strongly with attraction/manifestation. Keep the jar until a full moon cycle has passed.

You must focus on raising your vibration to the level of having already acquired the lease. Imagine yourself holding the keys, moving boxes, painting the walls. Memorize the address and postal code.

Do everything in your power to convince the owner that you are the right tenant. Provide additional references, follow up, send photos. Several times during both spells, I meditated on sending vibrations to the moon, reflecting them down to the landlord – so they would feel in their heart that we were the only choice.